Different predictions have started moving around many claiming that the end of the world which is also known as rapture will take place on 23rd April this year. There is a lot of confusion as some people are taking it as gospel truth while others claim it is just a fiction.

Those claiming the rapture is about to take place are basing their argument on the planets’ position on the said 23rd April, 2018 echoing the Biblical language from Revelation 12:1-2. According to the New International Version that passage says “A great sign will appear in heaven of a woman who will be adorned with the sun, the moon will be under her feet and on her head there will be a crown of twelve stars. The woman was pregnant and due to deliver and was heard crying with pain of giving birth”.

The passage is said to be speaking about the beginning of rapture and the second coming of Christ. They further claim that the woman mentioned in this passage refers to Virgo, who is a woman from Roman and Greek mythology. Virgo has also been represented in astrology (although it is not a science) and it has also been represented as a constellation.

The sun and moon on April 23rd will be in Virgo and so will Jupiter which is depicted to represent Messiah. This is according to a report released by Daily Express. A few experts tried to argue out this claim after discovering the alignment takes place after every 12 years.

On the other hand, conspiracy theories state that another planetary alignment that represents ‘the Lion of Judah’ will make 23rd April 2018 the rapture. The planet responsible for the alignment is Nibiru which is a mythical world allegedly compassing the sun in an exceedingly eccentric, long orbit which has been debunked time and again by NASA.

According to the latest released predictions, Nibiru is expected to pass by planet earth this October. This might cause volcanic eruptions as Nibiru’s massive gravity disturbs the gravity of our own world. This might be called predictions but to some people, it is what they believe will happen.

Nibiru has been associated with all kinds of planetary trouble dating back to 1995 when there were horrible predictions that Nibiru would collide with earth. However, NASA has reassured the world that they have not found any giant rogue planet in the outer solar system that would match up the claims associated with Nibiru.