The American television series – The Expanse – is a science fiction narrating how things would be hundreds of years from now. The tech would have grown to another extreme, the words not same as today. But how do they show 22nd century in the year 2018? The secrets are revealed here. 

While shooting a scene at Los Angeles, actor Cas Anwar was suspended by wires. He had to jump off a set of stairs, that too in zero gravity spin around to catch a blob of beer, surprisingly well in his mouth which also spurted from a metal can. This unbelievable action has some story behind. He was baffled as he didn’t know how a beverage behaved in space where there was zero gravity. He asked many people but didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

The show is set in a colony established in space and is presented as realistically as possible. People are working, going to their offices and everything looks pretty natural.

A discussion was held on May 25 during the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference (ISDC) where distinguished guests adorned the panel. Anvar (Alex Kamal), Wes Chatham (Amos Burton), Cara Gee (Drummer) and Steven Strait (Jim Holden), and Bobak Ferdowsi (the Mohawk guy) were amongst them. The occasion was of the final episode of season 1 where the audience was mesmerized by listening to the behind the scene stories narrated by their favorite stars.

The scene included scenes of a character’s head blown off and blood flowing out of a hole; explosive decompression or explosive reactions were not however presented as they would create distress among the audience. The question that why there was a need of depicting hyperviolence in the show was raised by the editor of Nerdist – Kyle Hill. The answer was peculiarly simple – because we enjoy watching it that way, fiction is fiction even if it is science, you must unleash the imagination and blend it with the reality of you wish to create a perfect science fiction story.

There were discussions about the difficulties faced by the star cast and how they felt wearing bulky spacesuits. There were linguistic challenges as certain characters spoke the language not known by the people on Earth. Depicting the vacuum of space concerning loneliness was another problem faced. They worked hard to show how it would be like on spaceflight and how diverse things could be in the world away from us. But the best audience received was humility, stars discussed how they plan to do it in a better way if they get a chance, stating that they didn’t know if they would be cast in the next seasons. The sense of humor was adequately welcomed by the viewers who look forward to seeing the next seasons quite impatiently.