The blood-testing start-up Theranos is spinning the drain, and as the time goes on, we are able to find out more sustaining details leaking from the company’s final troublesome days. Among these, one of the most particular eye-catching and attention-grabbing anecdotes is revealed, courtesy of the reporter John Carreyrou from the Wall Street Journal, about how one of Theranos employees created a clone for the Space Invaders, which feature a photograph of Carreyrou as a titular threatening alien. The photo used is picked from his profile on Twitter. 

Carreyrou is an award-winning investigative journalist that created a series of damning reports regarding the Therano’s leadership, as well as the company’s non-functioning technology that directly led to their failure and fall. The book of Carreyrou about the saga, which is entitled “Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup,” is in line for release on the 21st of May. 

In return for the Carreyrou ’s reporting, together with other reporters in the course of over two years, just last month, the CEO Elizabeth Holmes has been charged by SEC with the defrauding investors. The company has been laid off many of its remaining workers earlier this week. Unfortunately, the anecdote Space Invader hasn’t had its way to be a part of the book of the reporter – too late for it.

“I just learned of the priceless anecdote (too late to be included in the book),” Carreyrou said on his Twitter post. “Theranos employees are playing a video game at their party. The game is modeled after the Space Invader of Atari – the bullets are the nanotainers, the gun is the minilab, and the alien invader that is being shot at is Yours Truly.” 

Carreyrou had gone on to clarify that the video game wasn’t sanctioned by the management of Theranos. However, the employee of the company who created it has the idea about the Python coding language.

According to the account of Nick Biton, a journalist, posted about how the initial series of Carreyrou regarding the investigation reports kicked off the cascade of the troublesome revelation pertaining to the company, one of the Theranos workers had reportedly said the words, “Fuck you, Carreyrou,” during the all-hands meeting held last October 2015. 

This means, he is clearly into something and the reporter’s work will live gain not only in his books but also in the bad clone Space Invader.