If you are familiar with the amazing Space X, then you probably knew about the latest rocket launched by the SpaceX. SpaceX has done it again. The rocket firm company continues to amaze people with their latest rockets and has managed to carry out a seamless and a first-ever massive rocket launched known as the Falcon Heavy.

This is the reason why SpaceX is the game-changing rocket firm company managed by Elon Musk, the owner and founder of the world’s most successful rocket operations. The world’s most powerful rocket took its first flight last February just this year. Thousands of people in Florida are cheering during the launched of the massive rocket and was also viewed by 3 million people from around the world through the company’s live stream.

Falcon Heavy is a rocket developed by the world’s most successful rocket firm company, SpaceX. After its first launched last February 6, 2018, the rocket was said to be the most powerful rocket in operation as of today. During the launch of the Falcon Heavy, the rocket almost met all of its objectives. More flights are being planned by the private rocket firm company this year and they seek for more customers of their very own Falcon Heavy. Perhaps by the year 2020, Musk is planning to make much bigger rocket which will be given a name, Big Falcon Rocket and will be used for planet Mars exploration.

Falcon Heavy Specs

According to the official website of the SpaceX, the rocket weighs nearly 141, 000 lbs. and 230 feet tall. The payload of the Falcon Heavy is twice as the payload of the rocket’s major competitor. The Falcon Heavy has two stages and equipped with three engine cores. The center core of the rocket is supported by boosters. Each of the boosters of the rocket is equivalent to the basic stage of the Falcon 9. The 27 engines of the Falcon Heavy are also capable of carrying more than 5 million pounds of force.

During the launch of the Falcon Heavy, everything went smooth and almost all the major goals of the company were obtained making all the viewers amazed by the phenomena. The SpaceX plans to make another launch with its missions this year. In the coming years, Musk together with his team is planning to create a new Falcon Rocket that will make the Falcon Heavy dwarf. According to Musk, their new rocket will soon replace the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy in the year 2020s.