Falcon Heavy successfully released from Kennedy Space Center and approximately 5 million pounds of thrust from the large rocket wobbled Cape Canaveral as bystanders cheered the maiden flight of Falcon Heavy.

Its 2 side boosters of the 3 core rocket jettisoned and hovered after launch and flew back to its landing pads at the Cape Canaveral for about concurrent touchdowns thousands feet apart. However, the center booster, unsuccessful to land on the drone ship in the Atlantic as intended.

The goal is continuous as the second level continues to hover with the payload; however, the launch bodes quite well for upcoming Falcon Heavy flights, which includes the launch for the United States Air Force planned for later this 2018.

The Falcon Heavy heavy-lift launch vehicle consumes 27 of Merlin engines of SpaceX, every pumping out around 190,000 pounds of thrust during liftoff. This offers the rocket the power to put over 140,000 pounds of payload to low Earth orbit that is twice as much size as any other operational rocket.

The three-core rocket soared and the Falcon Heavy of SpaceX now has the crown for the most dominant and greatest rocket in the world.