Nine powerful Merlin-1D engines inside long for 70 m rocket are not enough in face of the power of weather.

Due the weather forecasts predicting heavy rainfall and winds, SpaceX was forced to postpone launch of their Falcon-9 rocket planned for 9th January 2017. Rocket remains safe with ten Iridium data relay satellites encapsulated under the payload fairing at assembling facility at Vandenberg Air Force Base at California. During passing weekend rocket passed through last tests before flight. SpaceX received on last Friday approval from FAA to perform launch of Falcon and ground specialists teams managed to perform successful test fire. Unfortunately Iridium mission still is on hold.

According to official statement given from Iridium, mission will be postponed for at least 6 days with first possible date at 14th January 2017 at 17:43 UTC.

Official weather forecasts provided by National Weather Service are not favorable for region around Vandenberg Air Force Base – first chance for clear sky over Vandenberg is predicted for Thursday, and probably rocket will stay inside hangar at Space Launch Complex 4-East at least until this day.