SpaceX managed to conduct test fire on May 28, last major test before launch of Falcon-9 with Dragon unmanned cargo spacecraft on the top. To remind mission start is planned for June 1st at 21:55 UTC from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center.

Last Thursday Falcon-9 passed through last fueling tests and test fire before CRS-11 mission. Booster was rolled out and moved to launch pad on Thursday, May 28th. Next it passed fueling procedure and countdown. At 16:00 UTC all nine Merlin-1D engines were fired for over three seconds.

After successful test rocket was lowered and turn to horizontal position. Next it was moved to distant for 400m facility for further preparations.

CRS-11 will be second Dragon flight to International Space Station this year and seventh mission of SpaceX this year. Dragon will deliver 1737 kg pressurized and unpressurised 1573 kg and will dock to Harmony or Unity nadir docking ports on Sunday, 4th June.