The Ariane 5 Rocket takeoffs from French Guiana on 5th of April 2018, carrying 2 commercial communications satellites to space. 

Ariane 5 launched the HYLAS 4 and DSN-1/Superbird-8 payloads from the Spaceport in French Guinate of Europe during a flight that lasts under 34 minutes and in doing so, exceeded the 200 mark in the number of satellites lofted throughout its operational career. Selected VA242 in the launcher family numbering system of Arianespace, this operation was the 242nd launch of the Ariane-series vehicle to date and the 83rd Ariane 5 success ever since 2002. 

The targeted transfer orbit carries the satellites as near as 250 kilometers to the planet and takes them as far away as 35,786 kilometers, according to the representatives of Arianespace. The 2 satellites will utilize its own onboard thrusters to resolve into their last operational orbits. 

The recent flight launch was the first for Ariane 5 since January 25 when one of the workhorse rockets brought 2 communications to the wrong orbit, as its onboard computers have been set with the defective navigation data. The mistake was not serious for the affected satellites though. They will be able to get to their last orbits but will need to utilize more fuel than originally anticipated to do so, according to the operator of the spacecraft. 

After it enters service at 162-degrees east longitude, the Superbird 8 will be given a new name as Superbird B3 and will change Superbird B2 in providing commercial services mainly in the Japanese market with the help of the Ku- and Ka-bands. 

Operated also by SKY Perfect JSAT, along with its subordinate DSN Corporation, DSN-1 is an X-Band Defense Communication Satellite-1 that will be utilized by the Ministry of Defense in Japan. The CEO of Arianespace Stephane Israel congratulated all the people who magnificently completed the third takeoff of the year. 

Superbird 8 or DSN-1 was developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation with the use of DS2000 platform, together with manufacturing management delivered by NEC Corporation. Hylas 4 is the 3rd satellite Arianespace has released for Avante, after Hylas 1 in 2010 of November and Hylas 2 in 2012 of August. 

With the recent launch of this new satellite, the company is proud to help offer services in regions like Central and West America. The recent launch was the 242nd liftoff for an Ariane rocket.