Known to be the second best currency in the world, Ethereum has phased a down during the past few months facing neglection when many of the currencies are having rise during the market crash. As soon as the market dip turn closure having occasional market drown falls, Ethereum started to recover back, slowly though trying to get back into its very early position. This currency has been through a high crash and suffered major losses for many weeks but recently trading in its green. Finding a bloom of its rising point Ethereum directly got involved with NASA so the people can have their more interest getting involved in this matter.

Lets now have a look at how NASA is planning to use Ethereum for its projects and how it is going to affect the future of Ethereum.

NASA is using Ethereum Blockchain for Performing Researching

Cryptocurrencies are slowly and steadily getting into progress to lower the gap between blockchain technology and digital assets in life. Ethereum by NASA is involved in this very technology where it is going to help out in meeting the real-life requirements, especially of creating an easy way of space navigation and communication.

NASA collaborated with the University of Akron, for implementing Ethereum-based technology for enabling easy and improved communication and navigation in space. Many of the currencies like IOTA with IOTA charging station for electric vehicles, or Ripple finding their implementation in real life systems and crypto assets, for this we have no need to say that this case has been the most important one for crypto-meets-real-world integration ever.

Blockchain technology is going to have a really bright future as it is already massively accepted by the public despite having many odds, the reason can be that NASA is using one of the crypto representatives directly.

How is Ethereum making a difference?

Currently, the take of Ethereum by NASA as well as the Akron University by mentioning Ethereum as their choice for technology for their current project for outer Space related comm. is greatly being beneficial for Ethereum in the market these days.

Due to a heavy loss of about 50%of the market capital, that was sent there to almost neglection due to the suffering of great losses, we can even see Ethereum is recovering from the lowest level in the market.

By giving a great competition to the dollar in the market Ethereum is having a great rise in the market.The latest updates say that due to change in the market Ethereum has risen a little less than up to 4% against the dollar and also continuously is in rising phase to oppose BTC.ETH is trading to oppose BTC more than 2%.

Noticing the change in the market, One ETH unit is approximately reaching to 530$, which is its high of all the times.Rather being soo good at this time in the market, still, there have to go long way to get back its record of around 1300$ per unit, which it was in mid-January despite rising of the majority of currencies.