Japanese railed launched rocket Epsilon delivered to orbit ANSARO-2 satellite on January 18th, 2018.

Today according to local time during its third in the history mission Epsilon rocket delivered to orbit radar weather satellite. Rocket was launched punctually at 06:06 local time from rail launch tower at Uchinoura Space Center. JAXA confirmed success of the mission and correct deployment of the satellite.

ASNARO-2 satellite weighing 570 kg filled tightly cargo space under Epsilon payload fairing. Designed and built by NEC on NEXTAR NX-300L bus, satellite was successfully delivered to LEO orbit: 493 km x 506 km 97.37°.

Satellite will gather data using its onboard 1 kW SAR radar operating on X band and able to work with 1 m resolution and swath of 10 km.

Epsilon was launched with optional fourth stage – fueled with hydrazine and powered by single engine generating 40.1 kN.