An environmental group has taken up the opportunity to study the effects of a popular greenhouse gas. For this activity, they have declared to develop and later on operate a satellite of their own to control the harmful effects of the methane gas. Recently a conference was held in Vancouver. In the presentation in that conference the president of the Environmental Defense Fund, Mr. Fred Krupp viewed that it is very much necessary to measure the harmful effects of the methane gas. So in order to control this harmful gas, they have decided to set up MethaneSAT. It is a satellite which specifically designed to find out how much of methane gas is circulating in the environment due to various human activities.

According to the organization, this satellite will capture essential data relating what activities are emitting more methane gas. The organization has also confirmed that the data which this satellite will provide will b far more accurate and precise than the other satellites.

The objective of this satellite

The Environmental Defense Fund has also said that the main objective of this satellite is to keep a close look on 50 very important oil and gas areas which are responsible for producing in excess of 80 percent of methane gas production all around the world. It has plans to revisit these marked areas every 7 days interval. EDF have further confirmed that they will provide these methane gas emission data on a free basis.

Krupp mentioned in his statement that cutting down on the volume of methane gas emission will be a primary objective of MethaneSAT. If this check on the volume can e made successfully, then only we will be able to protect the climate from a drastic change and such control of emission can be done by MethaneSAT by submitting useful as well as reliable data throughout the world.

Further Development

It is a true fact that the level of advancement in the space technology has made satellite technology a lot easier and within reach of different organizations. As a result, EDF has also tried to cash in on this advanced technology. It has roped in the right partners for this objective. The ultimate vision of this satellite has brought the top talents from the space industry to work on this project and thereby make this project and mission a great success.