Elon Musk takes a step further in his determination to settle on Mars and save the human race. His SpaceX WiFi is really happening and it could come on everyone’s smartphone next year. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently authorized SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company to launch Starlink.

This is a broadband satellite service that brings a massive change to the internet. It will change the way that everyone sees the internet in a completely new way. Currently, people get free WiFi through hotspots. Everybody knows how frustrating it is when a hotspot has zero bars and they end up paying for enormous data charges.

Some people have this concern but then some have problems with areas that a signal can’t reach at all. Right now, there are about 34.5 million Americans without broadband access in rural areas and some in cities. The goal of Starlink is to eliminate this problem by making the whole country into hotspots. It could be possible with Starlink, a constellation of low-orbit satellites with around 4,425 of them.

Starlink will have to deploy at least 800 of these satellites into orbit before the system’s take off. All these 4,425 satellites will beam a connection with Ka (12-18 GHz) and Ku (26.5-40 GHz) bands of radio frequencies down to Earth. This space WiFi is similar to that of an airplane Wi-Fi. The only difference is it is upgraded with fiber-level speeds without extra charge.

FCC has thoroughly reviewed and approved the constellation license for the project, which SpaceX greatly appreciates. This serves as a vital step in SpaceX’s goal of developing a next-generation satellite system. This will provide the planet with an affordable and reliable broadband service that can reach even those who do not have a connection yet.

Starlink will not only make internet possible to everyone who is out of its reach. At the same time, it will release the internet from the monopoly of only a few companies. Many people are optimistic about the future of internet that Elon Musk is determined to make a reality.

There has been no precedent for this project yet but one thing everyone knows is that Elon Musk always gives a full blast of any project he does. Whether Starlink will be a success, everyone can only make a guess until at least Space X sends the initial 800 satellites up into space.