Elon Musk, the founder of the rocket company, had founded SpaceX in the year 2002 and operated with a few staff in the empty office found in Los Angeles. The company had its innovative solutions to the world and created several rockets to help in the space exploration and missions.

There is no surprise why the company is already in the dreamt stage where it stands today. Now, SpaceX had expanded its empire and employ more than 5,000 people and received approximately $1.6 billion funds. They increasingly disrupt the storied and expensive space industry, with the state-of-the-art technologies and helpful innovations for the world. 

Later, SpaceX is able to branch itself out from the relatively small rocket for the orbits to the heavy-weight lifters that had undercut the competition into four-folds. Also, SpaceX is creating the most expansive and sustainable satellite internet network in the history and is on a mission to build spaceships that has the capability to send humans in the red planet, the Mars in no time. This can be made possible with the new Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). Musk had just shown the image of its manufacturing hardware and has plans to send the cargo to Mars by 2020 and the humans by 2024. 

The company is investing their millions of dollars to the building and remodeling new space facility all over the United States so they can get the job done and meet the schedules. This means, they are expanding their offices and have more people. 

The company had started their operation in California in 2002. It soon began to have a test launch in Marshall Island. However, since the moving launches to the United States, it has maintained an exclusive American foothold ever since. Now, the rocket company has its foothold in different locations, including Florida, California, New Mexico, Washington, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, DC, with host offices, factories, test facilities and launchpads. 

The company has its expansive campus in the south of Hawthorne Municipal Airport and Century Freeway. The building of the headquarters, the longstanding Boeing facility is top with the solar panels, forming “X” in the negative space. Next building is the car company of Musk named Tesla and close is the warehouses for machining and tooling where SpaceX is fabricating their rocket engines and some other parts for the Heavy Falcon, Falcon 9, and the big Falcon Rocket.