Dragon robotic spacecraft reached International Space Station yesterday delivering necessary supplies and scientific payload after lasting 48 hours space chase.

Dragon reached ISS docking port for the second time, as this particular vehicle already was used for CRS mission in 2014 (CRS-4). Main difference between these two missions was launch vehicle.  On Saturday, when CRS-11 started from Kennedy Space Center LS-39A, Dragon was launched on the top of the latest version of Falcon-9 – Falcon-9 1.2V (FT) not Falcon-9 1.1. In spite of fact, that engine configuration and thrust of engines is different, Flacon-9 FT is equipped with reusable first stage. After launch of CRS-11 it performed successful landing at Cape Canaveral


Dragon approached ISS yesterday and was grabbed by Canadarm robotic arm controlled by NASA astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer who operated it from Cupola module. At 13:52 UTC Dragon was already grabbed and in following hours specialists operating remotely from Earth moved it to Harmony Nadir docking port and attached vehicle to ISS. After performing leak check astronauts started to unload cargo from pressurized section. Dragon managed to deliver in total 2708 kg of payload in side both pressurized and unpressurized section. Among supplies and scientific equipment it delivered 40 live mice which will be used for experiments with drugs boosting bone growth

Dragon will be docked until 2nd July 2017.