Capsule of the robotic cargo spacecraft Dragon was delivered Yesterday to Port of Los Angeles from where it will start its journey to another SpaceX facility.

Dragon was launched on June 3, 2017 on the top of the Falcon-9 rocket from  LC-39A launch pad at Kennedy Space Center. It delivered to International Space Station 2708 kg of payload including 1002 kg in unpressurized trunk and 1665 kg inside pressurized compartment.

Mission of Dragon CRS-11 finished with releasing bolts of Harmony nadir docking port. Final departure from Station was performed by NASA astronaut Jack Fischer, who released Canadarm2 grasper on Monday, July 3, at 06:41 UTC. With 1857 kg of returning payload Dragon performed deorbit burn at 11:44 UTC and entered atmosphere at 11:52 UTC . Punctually at 12:14 UTC on June 3, 2017 it splashed into Pacific Ocean inside dropzone located 420 kilometers southwest of Long Beach, California.

SpaceX recovery team reached Dragon and using crane loaded it to the ship. In following two days service units unloaded most fragile payload and cleaned Dragon from unburned propellant, which is highly toxic and dangerous. Yesterday on July 4,  it already reached San Pedro SpaceX port at East Channel, from where it will be delivered on the truck to SpaceX facility for further inspection.