Dragon robotic spacecraft was undocked after 27 days of space journey. 

CRS-13 Dragon was launched on the top of the Falcon-9 FT on December 17, 2027 from Cape Canaveral SLC-40. After short, lasting only few hours flight, it docked on the same day to Harmony nadir docking port.

After transferring 4200 kg cargo in December and filling Dragon earlier this year with unwanted equipment, trash and putting scientific samples to Dragon’s capsule, spacecraft was ready to be undocked from Harmony.

Yesterday, at January 13th, 2018, Dragon which was previously released from Harmony and moved on safe distance by Canadarm2 robotic arm, begun its last flight.

After reentry, when service module was released and destroyed, capsule of the Dragon performed touch down at 15:37 UTC after releasing two drogue parachutes marking landing zone around floating on the water capsule. Dragon was recovered by SpaceX recovery team inside special ship and capsule was securely pulled out form Pacific.

Ship as usual delivered Dragon to port in Los Angeles where capsule will pass through cleaning and service action necessary to remove all toxic residues from hydrazine burned by onboard rocket thrusters. Next it will be processed by SpaceX specialists.