Space has become host to activities of all kind, and nowadays, there is an ongoing but silent race for going to space and doing something that has never been done earlier. Before the last decade, satellites and rockets were meant for something different than what they are intended for now. ISS being privatised, and thus being split up is one news that suggests not everything is okay with space. It has become a militarised domain where every nation and every company/ organisation wishes to prove itself the master of all.

China recently had a conference discussing the placement of sensors and weapons on the moon so that the satellites of the United States lying in the lower space close to the earth can be monitored. Russia, and China, on the other hand, are developing a capability to host many activities including tracking, disrupting and destroying American satellites. It looks like the famous movie-Star wars will no longer remain just a movie but evidence of overspread competition. 

Halford Mackinder in 1904 shared his heartland theory with the Royal Geographical Society. He stated that central Eurasia would be the superpower ruling the pivot area of Space. He argued that all the commercial and military power will get saturated in this region. This zone will become the centre of colonisation as well as exploration. Richard Nixon, seventy-five years later while being in a political exile stated that Africa and the Middle East would become the new heart of the globe owing to the competition raised between US and Soviet Union. Since the very beginning, America has emerged as the king of this domain. The victory over Iraq or launch of a new technology or scientific advancement, America has always been a leader, and that’s why to overpower the superpower, the Soviet Union raises a war like situation where the goal was to cut off supplies that were crucial for the industrial economy. 

 There is no match for America when it comes to technology, most of the things that we use have its origin somewhere in America, nobody knew when Columbus first saw the continent that later on, it would be the emerging and surpassing power everybody else would envy.  GPS or DTH, Weather forecasting or energy management, exploration as well as market analysis, America has taught quite a bit ton, everyone. The American economy largely depends on the space organisation’s discoveries and inventions. ISS may not have been a possibility had America been not interested in the mission. Call it NASA or America; we have received many gifts from them. And maybe in future too, we need them to help us stick in the right direction. The King has to defeat armies and win battles, the same situation has arisen for the US and could be they do know it and are silently preparing for the day.