The conditions that are essential for life to survive have developed gradually as days goes by. Understanding how aliens can exist in an abnormal environment is being pushed by scientists as they try to determine the possibility of their survival in unusual habitats. Apart from the earth, life could exist on other planets. However, this investigation is going on to prove this theory.

A European spacecraft is on the edge of eventually finding if life really can be found on Mars. Actually, if the project goes well this discovery is verified in two weeks from now. The spaceship has been orbiting the planet touring all over the Red Planet over one year ago. This European spaceship is looking for signs of life inside Mars and is determined that within two weeks alien life could be found.

The craft which is operated by the European space agency is at the moment moving around the orbit setting up new software to the machine to help in the operation. The presence of methane has brought hope as it could be an indication of the existence of life on the planet.

Methane, which can also be found on the earth, is produced by the activity of living microorganisms that are living inside. This gas is believed to be on Mars as experts are hoping that this could be a hint that life can be found away from the earth which we are currently living. 

However, observation is still going on as this gas may be generated by the volcanic actions and naturally produced carbon and oxygen sources. Analyzing and coming up with a conclusion of where methane gas is coming from is a process that will require them to study and learn in order to back up their discovery.

Soil sampling will be collected and analyzed as far as looking for life is concerned. Different criteria will be used by the spaceship as their mission will only be complete if they find life on the planet. Signs like water have been discovered on the Red Planet which may be evidence that extraterrestrial life has once thrived in the habitat.

If the alien life will be found by the spacecraft, it will be one of the greatest steps that they will have made and an incredible achievement for both the agency and Europe at large.