Orbital ATK robotic cargo spacecraft Cygnus S.S. John Glenn successfully docked to International Space Station today.

It was end of lasting four days space journey for Cygnus. Seventh mission conducted by Orbital ATK under CRS contract started on 18 April when ULA Atlas V rocket in 401 configuration lifted off from Cape Canaveral with extended version of Cygnus under the fairing. Vehicle was full of supplies and scientific equipment with total mass of 3500 kg. Cygnus  reached correct orbit for approach to Unity module, today in the morning hours.

Inside Cupola module Thomas pesquet from ESA already was waiting for Cygnus. When it reached correct distance of  10 m Thomas Pesquet started to move remotely Canadarm2 robotic arm to Cygnus. After few following minutes arm was getting close slowly to spacecraft until 10:02 UTC when Thomas Pesquet managed to catch Cygnus with Canadarm2. After another two hours, specialists from Houston took over control of Canadarm2 and moved it to Unity docking port and attached Cygnus to Station at 12:39 UTC. Cygnus will spent in space another three months.

During following days crew members will unpack cargo from pressurized section (total 3376 kg of supplies with 940 kg science material, 954 kg crew supplies, 1308 different hardware including EVA equipment, Russian cargo and computer parts.