SpaceX was forced to move launch of their Falcon-9 rocket from today to Saturday, 3rd June. Delay is caused by poor weather conditions at Kennedy Space Center.

Today weather conditions at Kennedy Space Center were changing and due the heavy rains predicted for evening hours SpaceX decided to move launch for later hour – to 21:55 UTC. Rocket was waiting at Launch Site 39A after roll out performed on 31st May and today Falcon-9 was checked and fueled according to procedure. Dragon spacecraft, which already was used for CRS mission once before, was serviced and covered with new heat shield recently, now remained under payload fairing. Around 21:00 UTC rain became more intensive and weather forecast for following hours described launch probability for around 70%. At T-24′ SpaceX faced serious weather brakedown and decided to scrub launch due the large lightnings which started to hit not far away from Kennedy Space Center. Next launch date is 3rd June 2017, 21:07 UTC.