SpaceX Dragon failed to dock successfully to ISS Harmony module today due the problems with GPS system. Both NASA and SpaceX decided to postpone docking to Thursday or even later.

CRS-10 mission started with launch of the Falcon-9 FT rocket with Dragon under payload fairing from  Launch Pad-39A at Kennedy Space Center on February 19, 2017. After delivering to orbit, Dragon started its journey to ISS which was planned for three days. It should end today in the morning hours (according to UTC) with docking to Harmony docking port. Of course as usual Dragon would not docked but it would be grabbed by Canadarm2 robotic arm operated by ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet who remained inside Cupola ISS module. Next it would be moved and attached to docking port by robotic arm controlled from the ground. Today Dragon reached distance of 365 m from International Space Station and everything seemed to be perfectly fine. At 08:25 UTC specialists from SpaceX’s Dragon control center in Hawthorne, California, decided to abort docking maneuver due the problems with GPS system. Internal receiver of signal provided by GPS satellites is necessary during any maneuver in near the ISS – correct data are necessary to calculate thrust of engines to reach the Station with perfect speed. According to NASA after aborting docking, Dragon was moved to new orbit and remains behind International Space Station. Next attempt of docking is planned for tomorrow around 12:00 UTC.