Today, on August 23,  Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass Instrument was successfully installed at EFU-2 slot.

CREAM, Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass Instrument was delivered on August 14, 2017 inside not pressurized section of Dragon spacecraft, during CRS-12 mission. Device remained closed inside Dragon docked to Harmony module nadir berthing port. Instrument was send to ISS as part of NASA research program.

CREAM was extracted from the trunk of Dragon by Canadarm2 robotic arm. After that, robotic arm gently moved CREAM away from the Dragon and later let Japanese Remote Manipulator System to grab device and move it to EFU-2 slot. JRMS moved it over the porch of the Station and positioned device in the face of the slot. Electrical, data and cooling connectors were mated successfully and CREAM became new part of the ISS for at least three years. It will measure energy and direction of the cosmic rays in the energy range from 1010 to 1015 electron-volt. Measurements will help in revealing source and in better understanding nature of high energy phenomenons in space.