According to TASS news agency former cosmonaut Georgy Grechko died on April 8, 2016 in Moscow. He was 85 years old.

Georgy Grechko was born in Leningrad on 25 May 1931. He flew on number of soviet era space missions:  Soyuz 17, Salyut 4 Soyuz 26, Salyut 6 EO-1, Soyuz 27, Soyuz T-14, Salyut 7 EP-5 and Soyuz T-13. He spent in space in total 134 days  20 hours 32 minutes and performed three spacewalks in years 1976-1985. He resigned from active service and in further participation in space program  in 1992 and finished his career as cosmonaut. In the following years he was working at the Russian Academy of Sciences as a lecturer.

In spite of work at Soviet space program Grechko was also qualified scientist. He received doctorate in physical-mathematical sciences on Baltic Technical University in 1984.  In fact he started his career of cosmonaut after being selected on 27 May 1968, when he was already working at TsKBEM-1 design office. After active participation in spaceflights he was working at NPO Energiya and as a chief of a laboratory at the Institute of atmospheric research (Russian Academy of Sciences). Before retirement he was lecturer at Russian Academy of Sciences.