The Commerce Department is gearing is gearing up to make traffic management part of the part of the space industry apace. In the 34th year of the Space Symposium, the Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, stated that the department is on its way to implementing the STM policy. The policy aims to make services related to space awareness activities. 

The said policy would work with other organizations and private agencies to make the implementation a benchmark in different parts of the world. In doing so, strategies are made to foster awareness services to people. 

The plans are sourced from the past studies and work for hand in hand with the Defence Department in the implementation of the plans. The services are warnings made for the operators of the commercial and civil satellites. This work would foster the effectiveness of the NIST or the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It would develop the camaraderie standards within the space industry. 

The Commerce Department also has plans in having a major conference that would be held in the US in January. The conference would be a joint assembly of STM experts in different parts of the globe. It would be a benefit for the country to hear the worlds of these global leaders. 

The policy takes time to implement. Ross said that the department wants to make sure that the plan ends up with the right people, agencies, and processes before the final decision is made. This process is also beneficial in case any changes in the policy are decided. 

The commerce secretary refers to the policy as a transitional period. Both the Commerce and the Defence Department would work to make it happen. The collection of information would be in the hands of the Commerce Department while the analysis part is placed in the hands of the Defence Department. 

The STM policy is part of the regulatory responsibilities of space. These focus on both communication and launch. A new office would be made in connection with the policy. It would be under the Defence Department. Ross said that a director of the office would soon be appointed. 

Ross also had the chance to meet and discuss with other company executives about matters concerning their concerns and ideas about the policy. The event showed to be a major success as many key points were discussed clearly. These included long timelines and review policies.