Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut went blind momentarily on a spacewalk seventeen years ago. His eye was irritated by cleaning fluid during a critical construction journey on the ISS, which cause him tremendous ache. He opened a cleanse valve in his suit to clear his eyes. 

This first aid helps him cleared his tears and was able to keep on setting up the Canadarm 2 that is still utilized at this point in time for spaceship and spacewalks berthings. Today, Hadfield is sharing his skill of outer space in a MasterClass video made to help aspiring astronaut with their missions. Everyone is invited. 

According to Chris Hadfield, he really liked to explain the real meaning or essence of spaceflight to aspiring astronauts. He believe that it is a timely and interesting subject right now. His objective was to give a basic lesson from everyone can follow links for detailed information on living on Red Planet, rocket design, and the feeling and experiencing of being an astronaut.”

Hadfield and Helene, his partner was already creating the same lesson when MasterClass called him. According to Hadfield, the partnership was extremely perfect to assist people especially future astronauts know more about outer space. 

He was a Canadian Space Agency astronaut from the year 1992 to year 2013. Even if Hadfield was renowned in his country, it was not until his last flight which he caught the attention of the whole world. He operates the space craft most are productive mission to which point as Expedition 35 commander at the same time sharing his knowledge on Twitter and YouTube. 

His skills in musical instrument as well as in pleasingly explaining spacecrafts captivated lots of people. Days prior to the landing in 2013 of May, Chris Hadfield last video clip from outer space, really becomes viral. 

This man retired from Canadian Space Agency after returning home. However, his outreach stepped up. He wrote 3 books, started to teach at Waterloo University. He also took many media projects. 5 years after the landing, he becomes in demand commentator and space speaker. However, the MasterClass lesson was extremely different. He said that this was one of his legacies. 

Past class educators on MasterClass include Serena Williams, a popular tennis player, Samuel L. Jackson an actor, Usher stage performer, Spike Less movie makers and Malcolm Gladwell renowned writer. Hadfield is the first man that produces a course regarding spaceflight.