Group of students will test possibility of living inside self-sustainable space station where all  resources are provided mainly thank to complex recycling process.

Four students from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics were closed inside two chamber bunker close to Beijing for following 200 days on Sunday, July 9. Whole complex is known as Lunar Palace 1 will serve as place for number of experiments mainly focused on recycling technologies. One of the most important part of the experiment refers to possessing oxygen for crew members of experiment. As two bunkers are hermetically sealed, four students will breath with oxygen produced by plants cultivated inside station. Another aspect of long term missions which will be surely under observation is psychic condition of all four students.

Chinese experiment is another after MARS-500 project focused on long term isolation of group of people working in conditions close to the conditions present on future space station (to remind MARS-500 was conducted in Russia in 2009 and covered observation of six persons in closed environment for 500 days).

First large modular Chinese space station with life support systems providing possibility of permanent habitation will be launched probably in early 2020s.