The first software-based satellite of China will be released in the second half of 2018 that will significantly benefit the public and serve as a national defense of the country as well. The country is one of the many nations in the world that is emerging in creating satellites and this new launch will surely be a huge hit in the aerospace field. 

The software-based satellite that takes advantage of the open source of the internet can work in a similar manner to the Android Operating System to research and create its hardware and software. Consumers can make use of the platform to test, develop and debug software, in accordance with the article published on the website of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). 

Referred as the Tianzhi-1, the satellite will be sent mainly to lay the foundation for a specific network and to test major technologies for the software-defined satellite network. According to Zhao Junso, a researcher at the CAS Institute of Software where the satellite was constructed, they are considering sending 1 satellite every year to develop the system. 

The operating system of the software-defined satellite is open to public usage and software-based. Compared to conventional satellites, the satellite could also be utilized in national security as well.

Supported by the Bureau of Major R & D Program of CAS, Tianzhi-1 Project officially started in 2017 and is anticipated to be launched in the second half of the year and will perform in-orbit experimental verification according to published on Saturday. 

Tianzhi-1 can process any data in orbit prior to sending it back to the Earth for various use and is capable of automatic operations that can also lessen the burden of the satellite control system on the Earth, added by Zhao. 

According to an expert at China Aviation News, Zhang Baoxin, compared to satellites having a single function, this software-defined satellite Tianzhi-1 can meet countless demands from different clients by updating and changing software that can extremely lessen the costs. 

The new satellite-based software will carry tiny cloud computing platforms that include four of the homemade smartphones of China that features strong calculation skills and is very energy efficient. The satellite is capable also of offering photos of Earth and space. Zhao added that Tianzhi-3 and Tinanzhi-2 are already being settled by their experts. Tianzhi-1 utilized an open source of the internet and is now ready for public use.