Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut will teach spaceflight essentials through a MasterClass series. The astronaut went blind temporarily during a spacewalk back in 2001. He was out in space on the International Space Station doing construction mission when his eyes were irritated by cleaning fluid. The ccident fogged his vision and caused him excruciating pain that left him in tears. He opened his spacesuit’s purge valve, and this cleared his face from contaminated tears. His successful move allowed him to continue with the installation of Canadaarm2 which to this date is still being used for spacecraft berthing and spacewalks. 

His extensive knowledge of life in space prompted him to create the MasterClass series. The enrolment for the video series opens today, April 24, 2018. By making these video series, he aims in in helping future space tourists and astronauts with their future missions. Hadfield aims to fully explain spaceflight’s truest essence, its meaning, and its benefits. All topics are going to be timely and interesting. The basic course will be provided in the series wherein enrolled participants can access detailed information by following some links regarding rocket designs, life on Mars, as well as life as an astronaut. He regards this partnership with MasterClass as the perfect opportunity to share his knowledge about space to people who can find more information as well as links exclusively in the series’ course book.

As an astronaut from 1992-2013 with the CSA or Canadian Space Agency, he achieved world recognition during his last mission back in 2012-2013 as commander of Expedition 35. He was in command of what is considered as the most productive mission in the field of science in the space station.  During this time, he was already popular and widely recognized as he was sharing his knowledge and experience on Twitter and YouTube on how to become an astronaut in real time. Millions of viewers cross the globe were captivated by his elegant explanation of spaceflight and his guitar skill. His last online video in space went viral when he played his rendition of “Space Oddity” by David Bowie a few days before landing in May of 2013.

The classes in this MasterClass series will last for 20 minutes, but he views this project as his spaceflight legacy along with the three books he wrote after retiring upon his return from his final mission. May 1, 2018, is the official global release. Chris Hadfield to this date remains to be one of the most sought after keynote speaker about space, commentator, and informal advisor to astronauts.