Science is all about making sense of everything in a scientific manner. There are various scientific approaches that a scientist can take to understand anything and everything. The most common way is to find the most fundamental thing that multiples to create something that is being observed. For example, any matter can be broken down to the fundamental unit called atom which is further dividable into subatomic particles. 

One of the branches of science that have changed that way scientists used to consider anything is quantum science. Quantum physics is based on the principle that everything that exists in space can be broken down into fundamental units and quantized. They have successfully proved that everything that contains energy can be broken down to individual quanta or energy packets. They energy packets can be atoms or waves depending on their interaction. So far the laws of quantum physics apply to almost everything, and they are applicable to macroscopic systems. 

Can everything be discrete and quantized?

The idea that space and time can be quantized goes way back to Heisenberg who is popular for his Uncertainty Principle. He tried to calculate space and time in the quantum field theory but realized that certain quantities went to infinity. But when time and space are cut down to a certain limit, they can be quantized effortlessly. It is true that everything is quantum but not everything is discrete. There are strong suggestions that both time and space are continuous. Both quantum field theory and Einstein’s relativity theory suggest that space and time are continuous fabric and all the quanta are embedded in them. 

The fact is that the limited space and limited time can be quantized, but it is due to the fact that we are a part of both the parameters. If we would have been in a different frame, we would probably have a concrete view of the continuous nature of time and space. We may not ever be able to see the continuous or the hidden discrete nature of time and space as long as we are part of it. There are always some constant in the mathematics due to our observation frame. Both space and time are still exceptional cases that are fascinating to the scientific community forever. Even though they are quantum yet they are continuous and hence, cannot be broken down into fundamental units.