As per the reports, crowdfunded volunteer rocket program ‘Copenhagen Suborbital’ will launch a human in the space. It would take around a decade for the mission to accomplish. Copenhagen Suborbital is a group of around 50 volunteers which is a crowdfunded team and has the sole dream of taking a human into space. Rune Henssel, one of the members of the volunteer’s team of Copenhagen Suborbital told about the plan with rocket the Nexø II Nick Ballon.

The most exciting part of the program is it is not one of the multibillionaire projects of Elon Musk’s SpaceX or Jeff Bezos Blue Origin but just a volunteer-run mission. This is the reason why it has grabbed the eyes of space enthusiast to the most. Mads Wilson aged 41 joined the Copenhagen Suborbital in the year 2013. He works as a freelance IT consultant and told that they are not on the verge of competing with NASA. With the budget of £10,000 per month, Copenhagen Suborbital is nowhere when compared with SpaceX or Blue Origin. However, they have requested the US Government to fund them for the cause.

Still, with the skilled and talented volunteers, it manages to make space-worthy vessels so that the dream of sending humans to space can proceed further. Wilson and other members of the team believe that they will attain the success and within the decade the mission will accomplish. Adding further, he says, that if they get the required funding from the government and other organizations, the mission could get completed in just five years. The lack of money is taking so much time, he says.

Although Copenhagen Suborbitals is not a million-pound project, the goodwill of around 700 supporters from all around the world is helping it to attain its goal. These supporters are paying around $10 or $20 every month for different projects which are helping the volunteer staff to build the necessities. The team of volunteers comprises people from different backgrounds like engineers, people who are into software development, metal workers and even the guys affluent in electronics. But since Copenhagen Suborbitals does not have enough money to pay these skilled workers, the project is taking a lot of time in completion.

Wilson says that no matter how many difficulties we will face, we are not going to stop. We want to become the first amateurs who put a human into space, and we believe firmly that sooner or later our goal would be accomplished.