Upcoming December seems to be most important month for SpaceX in 2017.

Lead by Elon Musk company still suffers for delays caused by Disaster of Falcon-9 with Amos-6 on September 1, 2016. Destroyed during explosion Launch Pad 40 at Cape Canaveral, forced SpaceX to move all launches to LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center. Plan which assumed that SpaceX will launch at least two rockets per month from two launch sites (of course also from Vandenberg AFS in California) was not possible to be realised and opportunity to keep launch schedule for 2017 was lost.

As most of launches planned for 2017 were delayed from 2016 and even from 2015, SpaceX was forced to focus mostly on bringing Launch Pad 40 to life, so most of other plans like planned for 2015 launch triple Falcon-9 rocket called Falcon Heavy were moved away in time to 2016 and later to 2017. However it seems, that both events, finishing work at Launch Pad 40 and first flight of Falcon Heavy (which already passed static test fires for all three boosters) will take place in 2017.

First flight from Launch Pad 40 at Cape Canaveral is planned for December 4, 2017., but still it is possible that launch will be delayed. In the first flight since 15 months Company plans to launch Falcon-9 with Dragon cargo robotic spacecraft with supplies for International Space Station. This mission is 13th conducted under CRS program.

In the end of December first flight of Falcon Heavy is also possible, but Company avoids to give any specific date. It is known that all three boosters supporting second stage during start are already after test fires. According to SpaceX launch will be conducted at LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center not earlier then on December 29 and it will be only demonstration flight with not specified payload. Second demonstration flight is planned forĀ 2018 with the STP-2 (Space Test Program) US Air Force payload.