BSAT-4b planned to launch by Ariane 5 in the year 2020 in Kourou, French Guiana from GSC or Guiana Space Center, a renowned Europe Spaceport. The launching of the satellite is included in the turnkey agreement between BSAT a satellite operator based in Japan and SSL,  a  very popular satellite manufacturer located in California. 

Since the making of B-SAT, this launch service provider has already successfully launched 9 of its satellites. The BSAT- 4b, indeed the tenth satellites Arianspace will going to launch for B-SAT. It is also the 32th business geostationary satellite launch agreement that is given to this company (Arianespace) in Japan. 

Built by Space Systems Loral or SSL, a totally owned manufacturing subordinate of MDA located in Palo Alto that design and creates satellites as well as space systems for an extensive array of commercial and government customers, this satellite was made utilizing a 1300 platform. This state of the art satellite will feature twenty four Ku-band transponders. This satellite weighs approximately 3,520 kilogram at launch. It is planned to have a small or insignificant service life of fifteen years. This satellite will be placed at 110 degree east of geostationary orbit. 

This satellite will act as a BSAT-4a back up that was launched in 2017 of September by the same launcher, Arianespace. This satellite will have similar Japan archipelago trail as the previously launched BSAT-4a, offering DHT or Direct To Home TV to make sure superb and amazing 4K/8K UHD or ultra-high definition video distribution for the coming Tokyo Olympic Games that will be held 2 years from now. Also this satellite makes watching the games clear and in real time as well.

Next to the signing of this agreement, Stephane Israel, Arianespace Chief Executive Officer, stated, 

 “Only 7 months after the victorious launch of BSAT-4a in September last year (2017), I and behalf of Arianespace staff are honored and pleased to have been chosen for the launch of BSAT-4b for our long-lasting partner Broadcast Satellite System Corporation or B-SAT for short. This latest Ariane 5 launch agreement is a clear show of the superb and brilliant relationships between our company, Arianespace, SSL ( Space System Loral) as well as the Japanese operator B-SAT, for whom we have launched the entire fleet of satellites since 1997. We are proud to serve one more time the Japanese market and to actively participate to the implementation of B-SAT’s ambitious projects, in partnership with SSL.”