The Great Britain Company which is a startup has come up with their first color videos. Earth-I, as it is named, has provided some of the latest videos from the satellite named as VividX2. It is actually a prototype for the upcoming future earth related constellations. The videos comprise of a lot of exiting scenic views like Dubai airport, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Australia, San Diego and so on. In the month of January, this satellite was launched by Earth-i. It is a huge satellite weighing around 100 kilograms. This satellite is being manufactured by Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd (SSTL). However, it was previously known as Carbonite-2.

The satellite features in details

The chief executive officer is very happy with the progress of the satellite. He has stated that the performance of the satellite has even exceeded their expectations. He further added that the quality of the videos and the photos that this satellite is delivering at such an early stage of the commissioning is simply remarkable.

The executive has also predicted that the demand for this satellite will be much higher particularly from the government sectors. This is mainly due to the fact that that the satellites are provided with high definition cameras which are capable of taking pictures to the speed of 50 frames in each second.

Earth-I pictures that are captured can be pretty well used for keeping a close look at the different farms which are engaged in wind turbines. These pictures will then help to find out which turbines are moving slowly and which turbines are slow in movement. Such data collections will in turn help to calculate the power outputs. These pictures can also be used to use and formulate different and unique 3D models.

Other uses of the VividX2

There are several other uses that this satellite can be utilized. Customers from varied industries are queuing up for acquiring this satellite. It can be of immense use for the purpose of monitoring traffic. It can also be used to ensure safety and security at the border of the nations. VividX2 can also be applied for keeping a keen watch on the movements near the ports.

Currently SSTL in the process of establishing the very first five satellites which have been ordered by Earth-I for its constellation. Such orders are scheduled to be commissioned in late 2019. Earth-I even plans to send 3 rounds of a visit to any part of the earth when it finishes its 15 scheduled satellite constellation.