Earth-i, a British Earth-imaging company had released the full-color video of the Earth that was taken from space using its commercial satellite called VividX2. This commercial satellite is launched last January and now used by the company for multiple purposes – to capture images, videos and much more. With the video, the Earth looks amazing from above. 

The company had unveiled the new video at the 34th Space Symposium on Monday, April 16, where they are demonstrating the ability of the commercial satellite VividX2 to take up to two minutes of footage on a target using its ultra-high-definition camera.

The color video is including the clips of various locations that can be found around the Earth from what the Earth-i calls “World’s First Commercial Satellite that can offer a full-color video of the life on Earth.” Some of the motions included in the video are the airplanes moving in the international airport of Dubai, the ship that leaves the port of Trondheim in Norway, and the cars driving in Argentina and Buenos Aries. 

“The commercial colored video from space is representing a breakthrough for the industry and the world,” said Richard Blain, Earth-i’s CEO. “This first video footage simply shows to us what is now possible, with more videos that are acquired daily. The quality and the depth of the data that we receive are now taking the Earth Observation-based data analytics to a different level. The way our team captures the video lets a wider range of insights that can be derived compared to the traditional imagery.” 

VividX2 is weighing about 100 kilograms, and it measures roughly one cubic meter. It can orbit the Earth at the altitude of about 314 miles and a speed of nearly 15,685 MPH. This commercial satellite is launched on space last January, which is one of the payloads of h Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. 

According to the Earth-i, this commercial satellite Vividx2 can have the capability to give a high-definition image and colored video with the resolution better than a single meter from any areas on Earth. It also has the ability to take shots and analyze the moving objects like vehicles, aircraft, and vessels using its Ultra HD color video. It can even revisit similar location multiple times per day. Finally, the commercial satellite can perform rapid tasking to take images and videos, and it can download fast data in a matter of minutes.