Britain has given hints of backing out of the Galileo Satellite Project which is estimated to be Euro 10 billion project. This decision from the British Government has come after the fuss over with Brussels on account of the fact that whether the UK can be relied upon with respect to the sensitive information subsequent to Brexit. Greg Clark who is the business secretary has also decided upon the fact that procurement process will be stopped in respect of navigation satellite system of Europe. This decision is mainly taken to ensure that the UK industry competes fairly and transparently over the tendering and the bidding process.

All the potential bidders have been asked to submit their final and best offers for the ground control segment in respect of Galileo that is scheduled to take place in the next week. In addition t this bidding even a bigger tendering process is scheduled to take place. This tender will be for backup satellites and the valuation for such tender is expected to be worth hundreds of millions of Euros. Mr. Clark has asked to settle the bidding process within Monday next week.

However, on the other hand, UK business secretary has informed his European delegates in respect of the fact that if the UK companies are not allowed to participate in the bidding process, then it would lead to additional cost of Euro 1 billion and which will ultimately lead to delay of further process by another three years.

In a recent letter which was addressed to EU industry Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska, Mr. Clark has said that if the UK is not allowed to get into the secure parts of this project, then his nation would walk away. Since the inception of the project in 2003, UK has invested around 12% of the budget of Galileo Project.

The EU has publicly warned the UK that they will be excluded from the bidding process. They have cited reasons that this measure has been taken as a precautionary step to protect the “public regulatory service” which is actually an encrypted navigation system used by the government stakeholders. It has further mentioned the fact that since Britain had come out of Brexit, sharing such sensitive information with them would result in the violation of the security concerns.

Britain has even tried to access PRS. It is an anti-system of the US GPS which is designed to work even when all other systems are jammed.