When National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) contracted both Boeing and SpaceX for the commercial crewed spaceflight program, SpaceX came up with its dragon capsule spaceflight that is used to ferry cargo to the International Space Station. This dragon capsule is mainly used for cargo deliveries but it is also designed in a way that it can carry crew as well. But Boeing is expected to launch its crewed Starliner capsule during the major crewed spaceflight test that is set to take place this year.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is determined to launch crewed spaceflights to the international Space Station from U.S and for this reason NASA has been looking for private commercial space launch companies to take over the launch of crewed spaceflights. NASA has contracted both Boeing and SpaceX to pursue the crewed spaceflight launch in 2014, SpaceX was the first to launch its crewed spaceflight but Boeing is expected to launch its Starliner capsule at the end of the year when both are expected to conduct their crewed flight test.

These crewed flight tests will determine which among the two commercial space companies will conduct the much needed U.S commercial crewed spaceflight to the International Space Station. However the expected Boeing and SpaceX crewed flight test could be used, as the actual space flights because Russia does not have more Soyuz seats to sell to U.S that leaves a huge gap between when will U.S need operational crewed spaceflights capabilities and when will they have them. The only possible solution will be to use the crewed flight test as the actual crewed spaceflights.

Boeing is already conducting several parachute drop test and a full scale landing to test the space craft condition when it’s returning to earth, they also use dummies in land drop test so they can understand the impact on crew members when the spaceflight is landing or taking off. This pre-launch tests are important because the safety of the crew comes first, that is why both Boeing and SpaceX are expected to test their spaceflights first without crew and then the second test will be with crew. The main goal of the commercial crew program is to ensure safe, cost effective and reliable crew transportation to and fro the international space station. The tests will be to determine if the spaceflights meets NASA’s safety requirements.