Boeing with a partnership with NASA is in its final stages of developing a Starliner which will be able to ferry people from earth to the moon and mass for vacation. The Starliner will be able to carry a capacity of seven people only on the low orbits of the earth. The success of the mission will be an achievement in carrying people to mass and the moon.
It is anticipated that this Starliner will be the first commercial aircraft to travel through space for fun and vacation. Moreover, the aircraft is anticipated to be re-usable that it will be able to make an exit and re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere successfully.

Consequently, the aircraft will be reusable once more than once; passengers will be able to fly on the craft more than once. Furthermore, the Starliner is designed to be autonomous so that training time is reduced as well and to reduce any chances of mistakes happening on the flight.

One astronaut will fly the aircraft by use of tablets and touchscreen buttons which are easy to operate. The aircraft is thought to be able to fly to the moon orbit once before making its way to Mars. The scientific community is seeing this as one way of starting to colonize the red planet. Engineers have shown interest in making the journey to the new world where they are hoping to develop infrastructure suitable for human survival in case there are chances of human survival in the new world.

The mission will be helpful in the collection of data concerning life in space; these lessons will be learned through the experience of those who will make the journey to these worlds. Observation of their bodies once they arrive for a change in their DNA will be conducted to see how life in space can affect the human body. Moreover, they could also learn how to grow food in space which is sustainable for human life. Other skills could include technology such as 3D printing, and other technology for human survival. Moreover, the people who would travel to Mars would learn how to shield themselves from the harmful radiations which rarely reach earth thus designing a way of survival in the harsh conditions in the red planet. If the plans go well then soon, humans will be able to alter the red planet and occupy it in the near future.