First time in its history Blue Origin New Shepard will be be equipped in real, full-scale windows, in contrast to the previous prototypes.

Blue Origin make a A Notice to Airmen for Monday and Tuesday, December 11th and 12th. Requested zone comes along with air space over Company’s test range in West Texas near Van Horn.

This news seems to confirms previous gossips with source within Blue Origin, that Company will try to close 2017 with another flight of their New Shepard – this time in more advanced version. Capsule and rocket were delivered to Van Horn test range on September 2017.

Last time capsule launched on the top of the New Shepard was not equipped in anything more than sensors or some kind of scientific payload, this time it will have windows installed and probably some more equipment necessary for manned flights. it will be probably last capsule which will not carry crew. First flight of fourth prototype is planned for 2018 and probably first manned flight will be also scheduled for 2018.

Precise date and payload were not specified at the moment.