The CEO of Blue Origin said that there is a chance for visitors to be able to travel to space with them in 2018. Bob Smith said this at the 34th Space Symposium held at Colorado on Tuesday while exchanging conversation with Morgan Brennan of CNBC. Blur Origin is a space company owned by Jeff Bezos.

After that, Smith said that there are a lot of developments and operation to be carried out. The safety of the passengers is the most important while carrying out such a trip. So, even though he said a space tour could be expected this year, he also pointed that they will only be going, when they are fully ready.

At the end of December last year, a video was shared by Jeff Bezos from the inside of a rocket of Blue Origin, with a dummy named Mannequin Skywalker placed inside it. The video was to provide an overall sense of an individual on how his visit to space with Blue Origin would feel like.

The capsule which is being developed to take visitors to space has not been specifically named yet. It has a space of 530 cubic feet and will be able to carry six people as stated on the website of Blue Origin. The capsule will be big enough for the passengers to float as well as do somersaults. The capsule will be carried 62 miles away from the Earth’s surface on a rocket after which it will get detached from it. Once the capsule gets separated, there will be perfect stillness, and the passengers can release their harness and experience the above Earth weightless experience. After the time is passed, the capsule will move towards Earth and will be slowed down by parachutes before landing.

The price for having this wonderful experience has not been released by Blue Origin yet. However, last year Fast Company estimated that a trip to space for a single individual would cost between $100,000 and $200,000. Tourists interested in making the space visit with Blue Origin will have to travel to West Texas, which is the launch site of the rocket, two days prior to their space visit. On the day before launch, the guests will be given important instructions for the whole trip. Mission simulation and safety training on how to move around in the zero gravity environment of the space will also be provided.