Many space firms are making known their intentions to make trips to the moon. One of those big firms is SpaceX. Another firm is making announcements about its huge plans for moon missions. That firm is Blue Origin. 

Blue Origin’s founder Jeff Bezos has outlined the company’s plans for moon missions, and they are huge plans. He announced his support for a return to the moon in collaboration with other countries. He made this announcement at the International Space Development Conference held in Los Angeles on May 25.

He said that he has a vision of millions of humans inhabiting and working on the moon and humans return to the moon will help in the actualization of his vision. He said all this in an interview with Alan Boyle. 

Bezos said that he supports the building of a permanent base on the moon before invading Mars. He is of the opinion that inhabiting Mars without building a permanent base on the Mars is like skipping steps and it would not yield the required steps. He likened it to the Apollo mission; there is no progress after the Apollo mission.

The founder of Blue Origin stated that he supports Trump administration’s policy that is pushing for a return to the moon before the trips to Mars. 

Blue Origin is working towards its moon mission ambitions. The company is conceptualizing a lander named the Blue Moon. The lander will travel to the moon and would be capable of carrying cargos to the moon. The company is proposing that they enter a partnership with NASA with regards to the development of Blue Moon. 

Jeff Bezos, however, hinted that even if NASA does not partner with them on the project, they would still go ahead with it. He said the partnership would fast-track the project, but they will still go ahead with their plans notwithstanding the partnership. 

The company is also developing a launch vehicle called New Armstrong, but they are yet to release any details about the vehicle. They are also considering a moon trip with the New Glenn Orbital launch vehicle. The aim is to reduce the cost of the launch.

Bezos announced that his company is open to any collaboration that would focus on building a lunar base. He said that collaboration would make it easier to develop back up plans in cases of emergency. 

He won the National Space Society’s Gerald K. O’Neill Memorial award at the conference.