Do you know that around 13.8 billion years ago, the Universe with which we all familiar is just a piece of a peach? With a temperature ranging over a trillion of degrees, the evolution of life has changed a lot since then. Now, an array of the population right over they consider no big deal when it comes to finding our purpose, our absolute root. In lieu of continuously generating evidence, it would be wise to say that Big Bang is the answer, the model on which the whole Universe rests. 

The evidence which might support the Big Bang claim:

1. Presence of Quasars:

At the end of the 1950’s and early 60’s scientists had developed sensitive radio telescopes which led to the recording of loud radio sourced out over there in the sky. After an array of significant findings, it was confirmed that they are coming from distant active galaxies. Quasi-stellar radio source is the name given to them. It would be evident to say that the Universe is different than it’s now, as we can see various quasars in cosmos which are very distant from Earth, but not in our local space neighborhood. 

2. The universe is Expanding:

According to scientific findings, with time, Galaxies are distancing themselves from the other ones. Some small array of collisions are happening over the time due to gravitational interactions. We know that Andromeda will collide with Milky Way in some billion years for sure. You are fascinated to know that the light pattern will observe an array of changes. As the galaxies continue to shift, the light will follow towards the Red end of the spectrum. Meaning? Galaxies would be covered in a Reddish Light in billions of years. Our universe is evolving as well as dynamic, it will continue to expand in future. 

3. Relic Radiation:

In light of the above-mentioned point, let us assume that the Universe was much-smaller in the past. This would mean that the same would be much hotter and denser? Well, yes that has been verified. Now, in the very beginning, it can be said that the Universe must be so small that it might be resting in the form of Plasma. In that condition, electrons would not be able to settle around their nuclear hosts. Electrons continued to sim around the nucleus in the high-energy as well as intense radiation. Further, as the Universe expanded, a threshold point came where electrons could really settle around the Nuclei thus making the first ever atom. Both Hydrogen and Helium were formed. 

This further traveled through all of the transparent Universe to the point where the hot light was subjected to cooling to a just above the absolute zero context. Therefore, the wavelengths were transformed to the microwave scale. This will surprise you, when we put our microwave telescopes in the sky, what happens? We can see background radiation surrounding us from all sides which are pixel-perfect in nature.