Scientific researchers revealed that Big Bang model is a right idea to tell the history of the universe. To support this claim, the following are some of the evidence for Big Bang Theory. 

  • Night Sky

There is an endless universe both in space and time. There will always be a glittering formation of stars in the night sky, and this fact will always be the same. In every direction, you can see stars that were spread in the night sky. Space will enable you to see the darkness and at the same time the light that stars brought to the universe.  

Well, the first person to note this paradox was Heinrich Olbers, the German physicist. The conclusion about it is that our universe is neither not infinite in time nor size. 

  • Quasars Presence

Way back in 1950’s and 60s, some scientific researchers have developed sensitive radio telescopes. They noticed some weird loud radio sources in the sky. With the use of important astronomical sleuthing, the scientists identified that the quasi-stellar radio sources or known as the quasars are very distant but unusually active bright galaxies. 

In this fact, light takes time to travel from one place to another. It only means that looking deeper in the universe is like looking deeper into the past. We see quasars in distant, wherein these objects were very usual billion years ago. It only proves that the universe is not the same today as it is in the past. 

  • The Universe is Getting Bigger 

In the Big Claim of Big Bang, we live in a universe that continues to expand. With this, galaxies are getting far from other galaxies. However, small local collisions may also occur like how Milky Way collides with Andromeda galaxy in just few billion years. We have a universe that is dynamic and continues to evolve. It is believed to be smaller in the past and is expected to be bigger in the future. 

  • The Relic Radiation 

As our universe expands, there is a tendency that electrons could settle along nuclei which make atoms of helium and hydrogen. Additionally, light can also be cooled to be above absolute zero which puts the wavelengths in the microwave range. It does suggest that there is background radiation that surrounds in the universe.   

  • Universe is Elemental 

There is a form of cosmic microwave background wherein protons and neutrons don’t exist. When the universe expands, helium, hydrogen and congealed were formed. 

These are the facts that Big Bang Theory is a genuine and right idea.