Elon Musk’s innovative car manufacturing company Tesla has again come into the headlines, but not for a new update in the automobile industry. This time it is shocking and sad news. Nine per cent of the existing workforce in Tesla will be cut off. Elon mentioned that it was a difficult but necessary reorganisation. This shrinking of staff is not a new thing, but companies as huge as Tesla have a reputation for taking good care of its employees.

Elon Musk has explored almost everything in his life; he runs a company that works for exploring space, another which is a symbol of trust for automobile – be it electric or gas driven. His business ideas have always covered up the newsletters and tweets. Such a decision is a blow – and a real tough one – for those having dedicated a significant share of their lives and intellect to the company. 

The first step towards this reduction in workforce was seen as the breaking up of Tesla with Home Depot, which was serving as a sales partner for the domestic clean energy products. Though the production line at the Fremont factory has been spared from this filtration, the news has already leaked and created a situation of distress amongst the employees.

The layoffs will commence from the coming Monday. The information about the expansion of Kennedy Space Center at Florida’s Space Coast may be needing more resources than available and thus, compelled the entrepreneur to take this decision.

At the station in Florida, the high-tech workforce would be required, and talent shortage may prove to be a problem. The company would be creating more jobs in Florida, many more than the company has to take away. But the loss for those employees cannot be ignored.

Earlier too, specific complaints of firing employees for reasons as good as raising safety concern and workplace injury were reported. A former safety executive sued the company for such an action. He claimed that the Factory in Fremont was neglecting safety practices; however, the company has stated that he was fired because of repetitive claims of sexual harassment and bullying. Whatever the reason was, these things does raise a question on the company politics and work environment. If this proves the “boss is always right” thing, it is regrettable. Many times companies when going in the loss, shut the company down and that affects the lives of thousands of workers, there is a need of considering the humanity thing before monetary, that Elon too must understand.