David Mackay, the chief pilot of Virgin Galatic, was very excited in conducting the spaceship test and considered this testing as one of the major milestones while conducting their flight examination program. In an exclusive interview, he has given the view that at the time the rocket motor is ignited, that is the point when the aircraft comes alive. He also added to the fact that they had been gliding the aircraft within the atmosphere, but the main function starts when the spacecraft goes into space. It was the first testing which was done by any type of Virgin Vehicle. Since the fatal incident of the Space ShipTwo VSS enterprise on the 31st of October 2014, this was the first testing that was conducted.

Preparation for the testing

In his video for this marathon testing, David Mackay has portrayed all the activities which he conducted while preparing himself for the testing process. The video shows his way to the locker room where he changes, wears his flight suit and also writes in his notebook. Mackay in his video has said that from the very beginning of his childhood he wanted to be a pilot. The main reason he cited is that he lived in Scotland where many flights passed from a low altitude, and he would find it very interesting.

Insight into David Mackay

David Mackay has been enjoying being pilot since 1977. He flew almost 14000 hours in the air by flying various flights. According to him, flying aircraft should be a passion for a pilot. According to him, a pilot should have the passion for science as well as the engineering behind what it takes to build up a good aircraft. A good pilot not only restricts him to flying but also takes every step to know the aircraft at a deep level and also tries various ways of improving them.

Dramatic video

The video has been shot very minutely, whereby some significant shots have been captured of the earth. Simultaneously shots of the people looking at the sky have also been captured. Some useful clips have also been included from the cockpit of the aircraft while at last the engine of the VSS unity gets started as per the schedule. The scene looks awesome when the ignition of the engine blows from the rear of the aircraft.

While the aircraft lands back on the surface, the crowd bursts out loud to applaud the success of this historical testing.