United Launch Alliance, operator of Atlas V rocket, was forced at night to scrub and reschedule planned launch. Attempt of delivering to orbit SBIRS-Geo-3 satellite will be performed tomorrow at 00:42 UTC.

Launch scrub was caused by an aircraft, which entered into restricted zone around launch site just four minutes before launch. Earlier, launch was already postponed for around 40 minutes due the problems with one of the sensors of the Atlas V. This incident pushed launch already to the end of the second half of the launch window; after spotting plane in restricted zone, ULA was just forced to scrub launch. Launch window planned for tomorrow’s attempt starts at 00:42 UTC and will last for 40 minutes.

Weather forecasts given today were not very favorable with launch probability described at 70%, with possible heavy and thick clouds over Cape Canaveral. According to actual forecast myst is also possible, but United Launch Alliance still keeps launch date actual.