Got $55 million to spare? This is how much you are required for a ten day trip aboard the ISS (International Space Station). 

Axiom Space, a Houston based company, announced the price for organizing space expeditions to the International Space Station. The company is also working on building the first ever commercial space station. The amount you pay covers a fifteen-week training program, to and fro transportation and orbital stay. 

According to a statement from Michael Suffredini, Axiom Space CEO and President, mentioned that it is always an honor for his company to continue on the work which NASA along with its partners had initiated to create awareness of the many valuable benefits that human space explorations will have. He also mentioned that the aim is to involve more countries along with private individuals in such endeavors. 

Axiom Space has targeted 2020, to launch their first customer in space, as said by a company representative. The company is in the process of developing its space station, and its modules will be launched towards and linked up with the ISS. If all goes as per plans, Axiom’s station should be ready to facilitate passengers who are prepared to pay by 2022. 

All the commercials will still be in conjugation with the ISS by that time. As when it’s mammoth $100 billion orbital outpost gets ready for deorbiting, Axiom’s station will be detached and will start flying freely. (However, when it will happen is unclear, but as of now ISS is funded all through to 2024, but there are all possibilities that its operations could get extended beyond that).

The interiors of the commercial space station are getting designed in partnership with Phillipe Starck, French architect, who says that this station would be very different from the ISS’s functional spaces.

In the same statement, Starck also mentioned that it is a dream project for him, and he is a person with fascinations for space explorations and aviation. He also said that great human intelligence all around the globe has their focus on space researches. His vision on the space habitation module of Axiom station is to build a comfortable shell that is not only inviting with softer walls but also its design would be in perfect harmony with the movements of the human body and its values in zero gravity.  

Axiom Space is not the only company that is working on developing a commercial space outpost. Back in April, Orion Span, a startup had announced it aims of having a ‘luxury space hotel’ in the Earth’s orbit by 2022. Earlier also tourists got chances of visiting the ISS. Seven passengers, in a total of eight trips from 2001 to 2009, have visited the orbiting lab by paying an estimated amount between $20 million and $40 million for each trip.