Some astronauts do think that poets and cinematographers should take a trip to space. Astronauts Charlie Carmada and Paolo Nespoli were on the trip specialists on divergent Space Shuttle flights. In the year 2005, Carmada became part of the STS-114, which was debut shuttle mission that they had the task of flying. This happened post-tragic Columbia incident that did cause the loss of lives of several astronauts. They were seven in number to be more specific.  In the year 2007, Nespoli did crew STS-120 Discovery flight. Later did return to space more times for the expedition 26/27 and 52/53. The previous month, both astronauts did land at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. They had their main goal, to give full info to a fresh generation of researchers of what it is like to fly to space. 

Carmada did detail on his dreams of flying when he was young. He went on and explained the importance of the debut and only voyage that he did make to the Earth orbit. He did say that they did fly right after the Columbian incident and they had new technology to test out to ensure that they did have a very safe flight. The two did agree on that the shuttle flights did encourage a sprint thinking and gave a focus on their work since the flight started a few weeks ago. Nespoli did explain that the space station expeditions that took a lot of time, that did last few months, were super-fast and long.  This gave the time to be able to reflect and re-think of the trip. 

Nespoli was able to bring out a picture of artists who were boarding the space station. But not all the movements were full of wonder. He did disclose that his mother’s health was deteriorating. This did bring a ‘sense of impotence.’ He said that because of his human nature, he could not just forget about everything that had happened. The question about the humanity next move in the space also did arise. The two astronauts did say that the humanity is going to extend above the blue planet. Carmada did say that machinery over the human vehicles was going to be a very important issue to be considered. More than 15 countries did play a role in building pieces of a vehicle that had the size of a football pitch. It went on to fly in the space.