Astronauts’ lives in space are far different from the people living on Earth. The environment in space is what makes the astronauts eating habit to more challenging. According to the former Head of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield, food is considered as the hazardous substance in space. According to him, anything that has crumbs does not work without the gravity. Hadfield also added that the crumbs would float all over and the astronauts will breathe them and get into their eyes. 

Therefore, the Nature Valley granola bars is one of the favorite food that most of the astronauts enjoy eating. According to the former US astronaut, Clayton Anderson, he described that the food they ate during their 333 days in space is tasty. He also stated that the food they ate has different factors beyond the tastes and NASA has to consider the factors in designing food for their astronauts in the International Space Station. 

Aside from the predisposition against the crumbs, space foods must be kept for a long period. It only means that it should last for the astronaut’s entire mission. Preparing the food also requires the proper testing, packaging, transport and the space travel. According to Hadfield, a year could easily pass, and the cooked food will be delivered to the station. 

The snack foods and meals are still the astronauts’ commonly eaten food in space. The scientists of NASA also continues to create some method of food delivery. The heating process of the food is also performed by scientists to destroy the microorganisms and enzymes in foods. 

Most of the entrees which include beef stroganoff with noodles, scrambled eggs and chicken a la king are usually packaged in flexible packages while most of the snacks and fruits are packaged in cans. The pouched food of the astronauts is cooked in a convection oven with the use of cold or hot water and then straight out of the bag.

Nausea has been one of the side effects of microgravity to the human body. It also decreases the sense of taste among astronauts. Experts suggest that NASA should improve their food testing and delivery to the International Space Station.

Without the pull of gravity in the body, the sinuses will instantly clog, and a long-time stay in space will cause the astronauts to have a month-long head cold. Hadfield also pointed out why mustard, sauce and freeze-dried shrimp cocktail are the popular extraterrestrial bites.