Air Force Col. Greg Johnson stood in front of the crowd at St. Francis de Sales High School on Friday and pointed out that those who are under 18 years old should be part of the space generation. 

According to the Jonhson, for a person’s entire life, we have had people working and living continuously in space. These people are doing real technology and real research development, he also added. Johnson was able to complete different missions to the International Space Station in the year 2008 and 2011. The NASA astronaut also discussed with other groups and students about his period in outer space as well as the significance of the space program to everyone. 

Before the event at the St. Francis, he already spoke at the Toledo Club. Greg Johnson walked the students throughout his space career that began as a pilot flying F-15s for the Air Force. Way back in 1990, he was deployed to Saudi Arabia wherein he flew thirty-seven missions throughout the Operation Desert Storm. 

He happily tells his story to students and expressed that he always dreamed of becoming an astronaut but never expected it would come true. After his period in the Air Force, he participated in the astronaut training program and was chosen by NASA to star training n 1998. 

They were called as The Penguins back then – the birds who would never fly. After ten years, Johnson fly into space at the controls of STS-123 Endeavor. His duties included working a robotic arm to create components of the space station. 

He returned to cosmos n 2011, piloting the STS-134 Endeavor, the last flight of Endeavor. Back then, he was the leader robotic-arm operator because his crew performs the finishing touches on the space station. 

Greg Johnson took a few questions from the audience and answered it. One student asked him about his creepiest moments in space. His answer was when they were impacted by a micrometeoroid while he was flying. He was able to hit the window and made this impression in the window. Four of them are newbies and looking at it like, “What’s going on here?” One of the vets come over and tells, “Oh it’s no big deal,” Then the wives discovered about it and turned it into a huge thing.

Greg also led an important role in the aftermath of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. The shuttle disintegrated after re-entry in 2003, and he was a part of the team assessing the cause.

He gathered all his family for breaking the morning of the chaos with the concept of watching the shuttle land on TV.