The plan of the XCOR Aerospace of touring people to space didn’t work. However, the assets of the bankrupt company are planning to give the youth a good education when it comes to space education. Students under the high school and the college years have the benefit of learning space technology. It gives them the chance to learn more about space and reach their dreams. 

The Build A Plane, a non-profit organization, now has the assets of XCOR. The assets are planning to give school organization a new light in the states of Lancaster, California. According to Lyn Freeman, the co-founder of Build A Plane, students from different parts of the country now have the chance of learning the nature of space and have space equipment for their studies. 

It serves as an eye-opener for the students in seeing the beauty of space and reaching out to the potentials they have. They also have the opportunity of learning the things that experts in space are doing. It offers them a fresh and thrilling start towards their education. 

According to the website of the organization, the donation of aircraft reaches to 300. The donation process is easy and proves to be a big help to all students in the community. Many donors are willing to help and see a brighter future for the students. Aside from this, the amazing chance of the students serves as a great way not only to boost their learning but also to ensure they have a good education. 

Many donations are coming, and the students are happy in knowing this. The chance they have are a blessing as many donors are coming up to lend a hand. Education for the youth is important to the plan is going to work well. There is a good future when it comes to their education. It also gives the organization a chance to achieve more plans and activities in the coming years. 

At this time, the company is still not sure of what will it do with all the assets of XCOR. However, the assets are a big blessing not only for them but also for the kids in need of help and excellent education. There is hope for the kids, and many more are coming to donate. It gives people a sense of hope for these actions. The future is bright for the organization and the future students who want to study space technology.